Las Vegas Casinos on a Hot Streak


It’s been a hell of a run for Las Vegas casinos lately! In fact, as we reported last week, they just took in over a billion dollars in gambling revenue for the sixth consecutive month!

The longest ‘hot streak’ ever for Vegas gambling was seven months, so there is a real opportunity to not only match the current record, but extend it past seven months.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board said that revenue for the state was over $1.16 billion for August, which represents more than a 22% increase from this time in 2019.

Additionally, the Las Vegas casinos on The Strip had been trailing behind the rest of the state throughout much of the pandemic, but now finds their revenue nearly on par with 2019 as well.

The most recent $1 billion month in August continues a hot streak which started back in March of this year.

As far as billion dollar months go, the only hot streak that was longer took place between November of 2006 and May of 2007.

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