How To Count Cards! (A guide that actually works)

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In this I explain how to count cards in blackjack. I’ve tried to make this an easy to understand video that also goes into detail about how card counting works, with nothing left out.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Is Card Counting Still Viable?
00:50 Blackjack Apprenticeship Sponsor
01:26 Understanding Blackjack
03:27 The Flaw We Can Exploit
05:44 How Card Counting Works
06:12 Step 1: Perfect Play
07:37 Step 2: The Running Count
09:22 Step 3a: Catching Fish
10:10 Step 3b: Deck Estimation
11:05 Step 3c: True Count Conversion
11:55 Step 4: Make Tons Of Money
12:40 Step 5: Increase Profits With Deviations
13:25 Step 6: Not Going Broke
14:40 Watch Me Count Cards

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