European Lotteries publishes manifesto for incoming European Parliament’s support


As Europeans voted in the EU parliamentary elections last week (June 6 to 9), the European Lotteries (EL) released a manifesto outlining eight key focus points, urging the incoming European Parliament to support these objectives.

EL emphasizes that lotteries are not merely games of chance but are integral to the social fabric of Europe, contributing €22 billion ($23.65 billion) annually to society. The manifesto calls on EU policymakers to safeguard the sustainable lottery model, “ensuring that lotteries continue to serve as a force for good in society.”

The manifesto’s eight focus points include reaffirming the unique societal role of national lotteries, recognized by the EU Council in 2010. EL urges EU institutions to protect this role and the cultural heritage of lotteries across all member states.

EL advocates for a clear distinction between legal and illegal gambling operators, supporting the Digital Services Act’s trusted flaggers concept to combat illegal online content. The manifesto also calls for gambling operators to pay taxes in the consumer’s country to ensure fair competition, stressing that tax compliance alone does not legalize an operator.

Consumer protection is another priority, with EL advocating for national-level expertise to address local needs and achieve high standards of consumer protection. The organization also recommends a risk-based approach to advertising, with stricter rules for high-risk games compared to low-risk ones like lotteries.

On the technological front, EL highlights the potential and risks of AI in digital gambling, calling for ethical and well-regulated implementation to maintain integrity. Additionally, EL supports the Council of Europe’s Macolin Convention on sports competition manipulation, urging EU member states to ratify it.

Finally, EL calls for the inclusion of lotteries in environmental and future social taxonomies, warning that exclusion could hinder collaboration with investors and insurers.

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