Gamintec Integrates ZingAI To Guide Player Journeys

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Casino and sports software solution provider Gamingtec announced yesterday it has partnered with ZingBrain to enhance the player experience at the white label casinos and increase revenues for the label owners.

Gamingtec is a white label provider, game aggregator, and purveyor of Casino 360 and Aspercasino – two full turnkey gambling sites launched by the company with Aspercasino hosting over 7,000 games.

ZingBrain’s Zing AI is the artificial intelligence engine behind the Zing Casino Recommendation System and Zing Sportsbook Recommendation System. Users can think of the enhancements as helpers that pay attention to what you like and what you ignore, much like Netflix or Youtube do in order to provide the content and options you are most interested in.

What AI Personalization Means to You

For casino players, that may mean that the AI accesses big data and pays attention to your preferences and behaviors in order to present the games and bonuses you might be most interested in. With online casinos currently providing thousands of games, it can keep the riff-raff at the bottom of the page or deep in the visible inventory of games and increase engagement and enjoyment.

For sports bettors, it can mean that your favorite style of betting can become most prominent in the user interface and it can recommend the type of bets you can place and suggest different ways to place them.

For operators, it can mean increased turnover, more bets, and more user engagement – which translates into increased value over the lifetime of a player’s interaction with a gambling site.

Groundbreaking Tools for Online Gambling

Gamingtec CEO, Sapar Karyagdyyev said of the integrations: “We go to great lengths to ensure that our operator partners have access to ground-breaking tools and features that allow them to deliver a truly personalized experience to each customer and with Zing AI they will be able to do just that.

“Zing allows players to enjoy a similar user journey and content recommendation experience used by some of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world, and to be able to bring this to an online sportsbook or casino is absolutely game-changing.”

He added, “It is partnerships like that this have enabled us to emerge as a leading platform and content provider and we look forward to seeing our partners leverage the tremendous capabilities Zing AI has to offer.”

The company’s website highlights solutions such as launchpad, with the CORE platform which can provide more than 10,000 casino games and over 70,000 sports events and includes international payment gateways. Their orbit solutions allow operators to have full access to the platform which is UKGC and Malta compliant, the use of their own license or Gametec’s, and a bespoke front to present your brand as you see fit.

Other products, some available separately or as parts of a package include live dealer and RNG casino games, a complete sports betting solution, and a payments solution.

ZingBrain CEO, Vladislav Artemyev, said: “This industry is pioneering and progressive in so many ways, but we believe that it still lags behind others when it comes to user experience and recommendation processes. In Zing AI we have a powerful product that addresses this.

“We are thrilled to have entered into this partnership with Gamingtec and for its operator partners to be able to take advantage of our cutting-edge products.

Source: Gamingtec Implements Solution, European Gaming, 10-14-2021

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