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I have been writing about the benefits of opening new credit cards to achieve significant bonuses for several years now. I recently started on the business card aspect. There are many great business credit card deals for professional gamblers and even non professional APs should be able to qualify for the cards.

Here are some of the benefits of business credit cards vs personal credit cards:

 Significant sign up bonuses. In general, they are more lucrative than personal credit cards
 Business credit cards don’t count against many of the credit card company’s rules which limit the opening of new credit cards
 I don’t believe they affect your FICO score but would have to do some more reading to find out for sure

Here is one card I just obtained that would be great for any AP or pro who has to pay for their hotel rooms. There are some legitimate reasons to stay at a different hotel that where you are playing. More anonymity, less hassle if things go wrong, much easier to vacate the premises, etc. I’m sure there are many others.
The card I just received is the Chase Ink Business Preferred card. There are 3 other cards in the Chase Ink business family and all have benefits. To me, this card is the most flexible and gives me the best bonus.

The annual fee is $95. If you spend $8,000 in 3 months, you get 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points. These points can be used to pay your bill at 1 point = 1 cent ( 1%). You can use them to book travel at the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel site at 1 point = 1.25 cents. You can also transfer them to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card ( if you have it) and the points are worth 1.5 cents each.

You can also transfer them to travel partners, including Southwest and Hyatt at 1:1. Now, I’m a big Southwest fan but the Hyatt part is the most intriguing. I took a look at a possible upcoming stay in Washington DC in March 2024. The hotel in question is $525 a night but only 15,000 Hyatt points. That means if I fully value the hotel, I am getting about 3.5 cents per point. I’ve had higher and lower offers but I would very conservatively value Hyatt points at 2 cents each. If you go out of country, the rate can be much higher.

Now, the required spend is pretty high and there is an annual fee, but you should be able to get enough points for 6 or 7 stays at a nice property. There are 3 Hyatt properties in the Las Vegas area. Rio is now one of them. There is one near the airport and one near Silverton. Not a ton of selection but if you can save $150 a night ( or more) on the cost of a hotel, a little extra driving shouldn’t be a big deal.

Here is the kicker. Chase is offering a $400 referral bonus on their business cards. As usual, I am willing to split this referral bonus with anyone who signs up through my referral link. I don’t know of another person or website that gives a kickback for referral bonuses.

If you add up all the benefits, this could be a great card for Professional Gamblers, APs and really anyone who pays for hotel rooms. Now, there has to be Hyatt properties where you want to go and if you have some other great deal for hotel rooms, this becomes less appealing. Even if you just use the 100,000 points as cash, that is a pretty good bonus.

If you are interested in this card ( or other personal and business cards) email me at [email protected]. If I don’t have the card you want, I may have friends who have it. In that case, I would split referral bonus 3 ways.


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